How many pages should my book be?

How many pages should my book be? Topic: How to write about the author page in a book
June 17, 2019 / By Corie
Question: Hi, I'm writting a teen/young adult, fiction book series. I am in the middle of writing the first one in the series and so far I have 20497 word, about 90 pages, and it's insize 13 font on Times New Roman. I'm not sure how longI should make the books though. In the chapter I'm on which is 15, the man characters are following a conspiracy theory that is going t tell about the end the world. It would be a perfect dramatic ending for the first bokk but I'm not sure if its to short or to long or what. I'm planning on not making like four huge books, but several smaller ones. Anyone help?
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Artur Artur | 3 days ago
Normally teen/young adult fiction novels are about 180 pages long on average but I've seen them at only 110 before. The length of the book is completely up to the author, but don't try to elongate your story if you can't think of a way because you wouldn't want your novel to bore the reader or have a part in the story that is completely out in left field. Try writing the whole series of books out then splitting up one big book into several smaller ones.
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Artur Originally Answered: Are the pages of this book that I'm writing too small?
Depends... First, take a look at places like lulu.com (which will set up the book for you and give you an idea of what it costs to print) or http://www.zetaprints.com/help/book-size... Usually, writers don't worry about the 'size of the book' unless they are self-publishing. When they do, they go for the standard sizes of paper in the area they are in. And, if in e-book format, they are just as well off going for A4 or letter (8.5 by 11 inches) as the main size or half of those - it's not critical. And e-pub formats as with 'smashwords' will set the size depending on the reader (including smart phones and pads, as well as sony's e-reader and the kindle). As a writer, your job is to make sure that the words are right, including the spelling, grammar and punctuation, not the finsihed book as a product!
Artur Originally Answered: Are the pages of this book that I'm writing too small?
It's my understanding that word count for a page is considered 250 words. This is information that I got researching the romance genre which is mostly straight to paperback. Hardback may be different. It doesn't actually matter how many words you have on a page on your computer. If you are going to submit the story to an agent or publisher, check their guidelines on how they want your manuscript formatted. The accepted standard is 1" margins on an 8.5" by 11" page. You'll need to double space everything and indent at new paragraphs. Times New Roman is an acceptable font. Put your name and contact information in a header on every page. Number your pages. That info will give you a head start but like I said, make sure you check with the agency or publishing company where you are submitting.

Ursula Ursula
It should be as long as it need to be, but yours is sounding more like a short story. You may want to meld two books together. Generally a 200 page book is around 80-90 thousand words, depending on font style and size
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Scheherazade Scheherazade
100-200 pages nobody wants to read a short, nor long book. make a font that an elderly person can read. use medium sized book. 2 inches smaller than an average notebook
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Scheherazade Originally Answered: I have about 60 pages on my screenplay I need 90. What's a good way to get there?
What you need to do is take what you have and put it in an outline format. Mark the act, scene, and each beat in the scene. Along the way, you will likely probe your own creativity and think of new directions to take your characters that stays within your original direction. It's not bad that your story only fills 60 pages, but a minimum feature length IS 90, so creativity has nothing to do with length as some have told you. If you are still coming up short, you need to examine each and every element of your story and ask yourself if it really IS a story. You may not have much in the middle, which is the most common problem, and you can solve that by simply fleshing out each character a bit more and adding more and more conflict to your story.

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