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June 24, 2019 / By Cornelius
Question: I have two questions first of all i wanted to know if 4th gen itouch cases will fit 2nd gens. Second of all i need a website were i can find name brand ipod touch cases for the 2nd gen ipod touch. Please DONT give me the link to the apple store cause ive already checked and i didnt really like anything. Thanks, take care!
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Arvin Arvin | 4 days ago
I love a bargain as much as anyone and I used to love all the cheap stuff I could find on eBay, but nowadays it seems so hard to find anything cheap over there and just when we're all finding it tougher to just pay our bills. I don't give up so I was looking for someplace online where I could still find myself a bargain... and by accident I came across this site I never heard of before where you get rock bottom prices from police impounded stuff, I mean I was worried about scams but this stuff is actually real and I got some real cheap stuff there... it's become my new eBay lol! Go to WinItems.com
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Arvin Originally Answered: Ipod Touch 1g hybrid cases?
I quite have been using iPod case created from an exact form cashmere silicone which bears the logo of my college. It features a exhibit protector, microfiber cleansing textile and matching earcaps. That’s the biggest appropriate one I even have been given for my iPod.

Arvin Originally Answered: Genius playlists? and ipod touch cases?
For Genius on the touch... Add a new song to the iTunes library. Click on store (at the top of the screen) then update genius. Create a genius playlist on your computer using this playlist. Save this playlist and then sync your ipod. Genius should work on your ipod now - this seems to be some kind of glitch with the genius feature. With regards to the cases - I dont know what case is best - they are all kinda expensive, but almost all are okay (not great)
Arvin Originally Answered: Genius playlists? and ipod touch cases?
You will be much happier with the ipod touch. Music, video, and photos much easier to sync the ipod can do everything the psp go can do when it comes to media and it does it much better. Now if you are going strictly for games that makes the psp go a different story. If you have a fat psp and the internet still works(since you said UMD broken) If the internet works set up a psn account like you do with the psp go and you can download games just like the go does. Trust me get the touch not many exciting games for the psp are coming out anytime soon. Get something to protect the back of your touch the chrome scratches easy :).

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