1996 acura integra problem?

1996 acura integra problem? Topic: Best tool for problem solving
June 24, 2019 / By Courtney
Question: The car has been great, almost no problems. the other day i stopped at a store and when i turned on the car it started shaking and trying to die out. i had to keep my foot on the pedal for it not to die out. when i did the rpm needle went all the way down and the car shut off. it would turn on but i had to step on the gas for it to start. again it would shake and die out. it was strange because the car ran perfectly normal before i stopped it. it was only stopped for a few minutes. anyway i left the car there and came back the next day with some tools but when i started it, the car worked fine. absolutely no problems. rpm was normal no overheating nothing. the check engine came on and i had it checked. the codes said cylinder misfiring. the car was fine the rest of the day but at night once again it did the same thing. i stopped somewhere for a few minutes and when i went to start it, the car was acting funny and turning off. i checked the antifreeze but that was fine. i waited about thirty minutes to try again. when i did the car started and ran perfect, the check engine light even came off. why does this happen? its like it heats up and needs a little bit for it to cool off. when i try to start it after having just turned it off, is when it acts funny. letting it cool off a little bit works but i dont want to have to do that everytime. i had just put some new spark plugs
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Ash Ash | 8 days ago
It sounds like your cylinder is indeed misfiring. This could be a number of issues, but since it only acts up when the engine is hot, that's a good clue. Possibly what's happening is a pre-detonation, where there is a hot spot, sharp edge, or glowing carbon deposit in the cylinder that is causing the cylinder to fire before the spark plug actually goes off. It makes sense that this would become more problematic if the engine is hot, and I'd wager that this is what you're experiencing. Aside from any major engine surgery, a higher octane fuel may fix this problem. High-octane fuels are less unstable than normal fuels, meaning that it takes a bit more to set them off. An octane booster or a better grade of fuel would be a good first step in troubleshooting. A fuel additive such as a fuel injector cleaner or engine cleaner *may* help solve this problem. I am not a fan of "mechanic in a bottle" types of fixes, though, and I believe that they cause as many problems as they fix. In any case, you're already having problems, and if the additive makes it worse, you'll need to have the vehicle serviced anyway. In your position, I can't really see the harm in trying. There's a slim chance that this may be an electrical issue having to do with one of the spark plugs. If one of the connections isn't properly fitted (loose spark plug wire for example), thermal expansion may cause it to act up when the engine is hot. You'd think that the problem would happen all the time when the vehicle is hot then, but that may not be the case. When the engine is at normal operating temperature, the cylinder is VERY hot and the fuel/air mix is easier to ignite, so your faulty electrical connection may work well enough in this case. When you turn the engine off, the cylinder temperature drops, but the engine may still be hot enough for the electrical connection to expand, and the combination of the bad electrical connection and the colder cylinder may be enough to cause the misfire. That's a long shot, but it's probably worth checking the spark plugs and the plug wires to ensure they're clean and tight before you resort to dragging the car in to the shop.
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Valerie Valerie
You should check the spark plugs and wires, to start. If you got a cylinder misfire code, the plugs could be fouled. Otherwise there could be an array of other problems to check.
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Sedona Sedona
First things first! Have you changed the fuel filter lately?Or the strainer on the fuel pump?you might have trash in the tank,or fuel pump going bad. Checked fuel pressure when the problem exists? Sound like a fuel problem to me!
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Octavia Octavia
My car became slow down till died out while driving, and I cannot accelerate the speed, afterwards, it cannot start.
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