What are your predictions for the group and knockout stages of the WC?

What are your predictions for the group and knockout stages of the WC? Topic: Sa research group
June 17, 2019 / By Cy
Question: these are based on extensive research and observation Group A: 1Mexico 2SA Group B: 1Argentina 2Nigeria Group C: 1England 2USA Group D: 1Germany 2AUSTralia Group E: 1Netherlands 2Cameroon Group F: 1Italy 2 Paraguay Group G: 1Brazil 2Cote d' Ivore Group H: 1Spain 2 Chile Mexico beats Nigeria England beats Australia Netherlands beats Paraguay Argentina beats SA Germany beats USA Cameroon beats Italy Spain beats Cote d' Ivore Mexico beats England Brazil beats Netherlands Argentina beats Germany Spain beats Cameroon Brazil beats Mexico Spain sluggs Argentina Mexico gets payback for 2006 and beats Argentina and takes 3rd place Spain beats Brazil and becomes WORLD CHAMPION
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Best Answers: What are your predictions for the group and knockout stages of the WC?

Aubrey Aubrey | 9 days ago
A South Africa - Mexico/France B Argentina - South Korea C England - Algeria/Slovenia D Germany - Australia E Netherlands - Denmark/Cameroon F Italy - Slovakia G Cote d'Ivoire - Brazil/Portugal H Spain - Switzerland South Africa beats South Korea Argentina beats Mexico/France England beats Australia Germany beats Algeria/Slovenia Netherlands beats Slovakia Denmark/Cameroon beats Italy Cote d'Ivoire beats Switzerland Spain beats Brazil/Portugal England beats South Africa Germany/Argentina Netherlands beats Cote d'Ivoire Denmark/Cameroon beats Spain England beats Netherlands Germany/Argentina beats Denmark/Cameroon Germany/Argentina beats England
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Vi Vi
England beating germany on pens you must be dreaming. i think England are so psyked out by PKs they are incapable of knocking onei in North Korea!? Even if they lose Kim jong ill will tell the people they won an they will have to believe it they will just edit kim jong ill scoring the winner with a bicycle kick I think USA will come out of the group second to be honest And the French have been shockingly bad recently If they play like they id in qualifying south Africa are on home turf and could nick a draw and mexico arnt a bad team ghana will lose out to serbia in the group stages I would think I would bet my possesions North Korea cant get out of a Portugal/ brazil group What happened to Spain?
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Serina Serina
Mexico takes third place? Are you kidding me, lmao..Mexico will be lucky to make it through the first round and you put them as 1st place of the first round XD have you even been seeing the friendlies theyve playes against crappy teams and how they barely beat them? And Spain world champs?!! XD!!!
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Ondrea Ondrea
Mexico is not going to be first in their group is going to be France and England is going to beat Mexico pendejo.
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Maev Maev
Mexico is going to quareters. I think if they can get past the quarters they can win it. But who knows. We can only pray.
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Kerensa Kerensa
i like aztek's answer lol that would be beautiful to see to see cuathemoc raise the trophy becasue even though i think he cant cut it in le selecion i got mad respect for the old man but i think sinha should still get a shot
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Jacklyn Jacklyn
semis: spain vs italy 3-2 brazil vs germany 3-1 brazil vs spain.......let the best win! mexico ends in top 12
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