Could he like me as more than a friend?

Could he like me as more than a friend? Topic: R sound homework
June 17, 2019 / By Cyril
Question: He was always really quiet and nice and the shy, and nerdy type, (i can be nerdy to, we r engineering majors, it comes with the territory) but lately has been opening up with me. some days when I walk into a room and he close to immediately after I sit down next to him, starts conversation, and tries to keep it going if he isnt overly busy. He offers to help me with course work all the time (a class he aced, but that i am having trouble in) and will sometimes randomly text me, both to start conversations, and expecting me to get really random obscure references to things he has shared with me in the past.(and maybe im wrong but he seems hurt when i dont get them) And asks for high fives whenever either of us gets a problem right in homework. (no one else in our group does that very often). A lot of times when he and I are together for anything, when we leave, a cpl minutes later i get a text from him, sometimes something he forgot to ask, sometimes something random. But other days, I walk in and he barely talks to me at all, can be kind of mean even. doesn't text me and doesnt respond to my texts, or if he does its really short, and something to keep there from being a conversation. He can be really hot and cold as to which it is, not even day to day, but throughout the day. he can start off by doing something cold, then be obviously trying to make up for it. whenever he tries to plan something for our whole group of friends, he makes it sound like another guy is planning it. also, i seem to be the one he goes to for a lot of the group stuff. He could very easily ask for other peoples numbers, but he doesnt, A friend says he is really bad about blowing off texts all the time. And there are many times he doesn't respond to mine. He has chalked up having ppl not responding to him before as they just must not be near their phone. And I've seen him check his phone and only just get texts that i know were sent hours previously, and he be surprised they are there. So btwn that and b.c his phone always seems to be on silent when i'm around him, i can't tell if he is just not big on checking his messages or what. (considering he also doesn't have a facebook, i think he is just not that into that stuff) i really like him. could he like me? and if he does, what do i do? oh, and he's also a lot more talkative when others (certain others in particular) aren't in the immediate area. a mutual guy friend claims me and the guy bicker all the time. Its not so much arguing, as joking with each other. So i dunno where our friend gets bickering, but whatever. ( this friend knows i like the shy guy, and may be trying to help me out with him without actually calling it flirting or something. idk) I've tried to do stuff alone with him, but half the time someone winds up with us. either b/c one of us ends up inviting after all in a have to or its rude situation, or b/c ppl invite themselves. He agreed to go see a shuttle launch with me tho (which would be at night, and no one else said they could go). He also asked if i wanted to go with him when goes to put in an order for our group of friends. He told me "other people can come if they want" but didn't actually ask anyone else. I assumed the invite included going to pick it up as well, and it didnt seem to faze him at all. And in both instances it was us alone, no problem. and he seemed kind of awkward the day i drove. he couldn't sit still in his seat in the car. Also, reading this take it with a grain of salt. I like him and am hopeful that he will like me. So i most likely have given it a spin in that direction without meaning too...
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Aubyn Aubyn | 1 day ago
Well I'm not sure if he likes you as in wants to go out with you, but it does sound like he is more comfortable around you than anyone else you two are with, so thats a good start. If you are not sure you should just hint stuff at him and see what his reaction to it is. But if you really want to go for it then just do it. I would say 100% of guys are relieved when women ask them.
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Aubyn Originally Answered: Does my guy friend like me?
Yeah, he does like you, at least he's flirting with you, so that could be cause he likes you or cause he likes to have you like him. lol good luck

Vic Vic
Umm my terrific acquaintances specific, yet even nevertheless i like the females I draw close out with, I wouldn't totally have faith them. It sounds terrible yet i be attentive to for a certainty that they now and back gossip approximately one yet another. the two way is say I surely have some acquaintances who're the two honest climate acquaintances and a few who're like sisters to me.
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Sessy Sessy
Why not ask him out? Don't worry about being...traditional. Just ask him (casually) if he wants to go have drinks with you. If you're underage, then ask him if he wants to go hang out sometime...=)
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Sessy Originally Answered: How can i get my best friend to go out with me?
Hey , I've been there before! And I lost several girlfriends I really loved, I even begun to think there was something wrong with me but then I learned it's all about knowing how to generate attraction. And the cool thing is that anywone can learn this. I wish you luck. God bless.

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