I want to switch my plus account to another one of my email addresses.no luck.whats the 1-800 #?

I want to switch my plus account to another one of my email addresses.no luck.whats the 1-800 #? Topic: How to write address on us mail
June 17, 2019 / By Daley
Question: I am not using my old email address (with plus) anymore. So I would like to transfer the plus to my current active email address. No luck looking in forums or yahoo help. I can't even find a working 1-800 #!!!!
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Best Answers: I want to switch my plus account to another one of my email addresses.no luck.whats the 1-800 #?

Austen Austen | 6 days ago
If the first part does not work...try a live Yahoo rep How do I Import Contacts (+ emails and calendar info) from my other webmail account? Replace Cancel Here’s how: 1. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page,then MAIL OPTIONS...you will be in the GENERAL mode...then click on CONTACTS.(left side of the screen)..once in click on TRANSFER CONTACTS TO YAHOO... 2. You will be prompted to re-enter your password as a security measure. 3. Next is a permissions page which goes over legal information. Click I Agree. If you’d rather not continue, click I Do Not Agree. 4. Verify that you’ve read the Terms of Service by clicking in the check-box. Click Start Transfer. 5. Enter the “old” email sign-in name for the account you’re transferring from, and in the pull-down menu, select the webmail domain it’s from. * Choose from: Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Comcast, Yahoo!, Cox, Earthlink, MSN, Netzero, Juno, CS, Optonline, and Worldnet.att.net 6. Enter the email account’s password. Click Next. 7. Please wait a moment while we verify this information. If we run into a problem, we’ll ask that you please re-enter the username, provider and password info. 8. Now, leave a check in the check-boxes beside the information you’d like to transfer to your Yahoo! account. You can transfer Email, Address Book info, and usually, your Calendar info. Please note some webmail programs don’t feature calendars. * Would you like to send a note to all these contacts announcing your new email address? No problem! Leave a check in the box beside “Send a note…” And if you want to write the note yourself, just click “Click here to personalize...”. Click Next when you’re done. * Click Next to transfer the information to your new Yahoo! account. * The “Finished” page will confirm the transfer and offers you a quick route back to your Yahoo! Mail account: Take Me To Yahoo! Mail. Please note that it may take as long as 24 hours to complete the transfer. When it’s done, you’ll get a confirmation email in your Yahoo! Inbox. If you have another webmail account whose info you’d like to transfer, no problem! Import from as many of the supported providers as you want. For desktop email Interested in transferring Address Book information from your desktop application (ie, Outlook or Palm)? If so, follow these steps: 1. In the upper-right corner of your Mail page, click Options and select Mail Options. 2. On the left side of the page that opens, click Contacts Options. 3. On the right of this page, click Import/Export to get started. ______________________________________... Use the website first..has a live chat option.. Customer care for US. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/or... Yahoo customer service telephone no 866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300
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put all the addresses in your e-mail address book then when you write an e-mail you just goto the address book and check all the addresses you want to send the mail to that simple
Austen Originally Answered: How can I copy & drop an excel column of email addresses into the "to box" and email?
One speedy thank you to function a comma to the tip of each and every e mail handle is to apply a dummy column, and positioned this in it: =A2&"," Now replica the hot column, pick yet another column and good click, Paste particular, Values final step, replica that new column, pick yet yet another sparkling area of your sheet and good click, Paste particular and examine the field by Transpose. this might make it a row as a replace of a column. This step is needed! in case you replica in basic terms the column, in basic terms the 1st e mail handle gets pasted (a minimum of that's what's happening for me.) Now replica the row of e mail addresses and paste it into your Bcc field.

Vina Vina
that's how the Yahoo Suspension works. - you're saying an answer. - A troll sees it. - A troll comments it even nevertheless it won't carry advantage while you evaluate that troll has to "earn" the rfile impression. - The troll is sensible adequate to make diverse debts. The extra people who rfile an answer, the extra advantage it has, for that reason, putting it on genuine of the deletion hierarchy. while that harmless answer is deleted, all of the folk who pronounced earnings impression and the extra impression they get, they're comments start to hold further and extra validity. - ultimately, the guy who located the respond can get suspended. it incredibly is much less complicated for a troll to get someone suspended via "stalking" or including them as a splash. it is why I despise point a million person's gaining this rfile characteristic. I say that those point 3 and above could have the skill to rfile. no longer those low-existence scumbags who're right here to reason misery. i've got located an entire checklist of journalists on my profile, which could be won via clicking my avatar. i'm gazing heavily in any respect people who rfile for no reason. i do no longer think that this option could even exist. The police do no longer provide handcuffs to the typical public to arrest people who're "doing incorrect". Any logical individual could see why. If Yahoo solutions have been sensible adequate, they could see likewise and save the rfile characteristic for officers purely.
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Shanelle Shanelle
You can not transfer accounts, or connect or merge them. You will have to decide which one you wan to use as your main account, then delete the others.
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I'm assuming that when you say "I just wanted to create a web page" you are implying that you want to write this as an applet. An applet shouldn't have access to your address book for security reasons. If it does, then it's just one more reason to disable Java!!!... Rawlyn.

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