Applications of physics principles in medicine.?

Applications of physics principles in medicine.? Topic: Application in writing
June 24, 2019 / By Dallas
Question: Hi I am a college student and I need with my physics project. I have to make a presentation on the applications of Physics principles in medical equipment. Please help me with a list of medical equipment that use any physics principles. It could be anything really. I am in my second semester of Physics so I have a basic overview of most principles.
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Austin Austin | 7 days ago
X - Rays that are used to observe the human body for any abnormalities without any surgical invasion would fall into physics + chemistry spectrum, since physics deals with electromagnetic spectrum and X - Rays are a component of electromagnetic spectrum. So the medical equipment that use x-rays would include X-ray generator, CT Scanner and I guess you can talk about MRI as well. Some other applications of electromagnetic spectrum that could make some use in medicine would be infrared therapy, endoscopy that uses visible light to investigate inside of the body is also part of physics since visible light is part of electromagnetic spectrum. You can also talk about pagers that you sometimes see in TV Shows that doctors use to be informed about a patient if he is having any problems. The pagers supposibly also use the principles of electromagnetic spectrum. As I mentioned endoscopy you can also perhaps write in your project about fibre optics, since fibre optics use visible light to illuminate the inside of the body. ( Fibre optics are usually attached to the endoscope). Now you can even talk about the properties that all these equipment are made of, which supposibly would gain you more marks, depending on the assignment task you've been given. Ultrasounds... The high intensity light bulbs used to illuminate the patients mouth at the dentists... There is really alot of things that you can talk about. - You can also talk about refractive index and electromagnetic waves/radiation.
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