Economics knowledge quiz: please answer these simple econ questions?

Economics knowledge quiz: please answer these simple econ questions? Topic: econ homework
June 17, 2019 / By Daly
Question: Also identify whether you are Democrat or Republican. 1. The notion that increased regulations regarding the upkeep of domiciles leads to a decline in the quality of the housing stock is a fallacy because: a. It's not a fallacy. That's true. b. Because requiring property owners to maintain their properties helps reduce instances of slum-lords who abandon their properties to municipalities once they've reached a point of "no return". c. Because low quality of housing has been associated with an increase in crime rates, which leads to a decline in the desirability of neighborhoods and abandonment of properties. d. both b and c 2. Oil reserves in the United States are currently... a. at record lows due to Obama era regulations b. near the middle of the average range for this time of year c. a bit above average for this time of year d. at record highs and continuing to expand 3. An employer typically adds employees when: a. That employer's sales are growing, and staff are stretched to the point where additional productivity demands may result in unrest and walkouts. b. When Congress reduces environmental regulations, thereby reducing the cost of doing business. c. When taxes are reduced. d. Both b and c 4. The "DIX" is an index which measures the value of the US Dollar against a. The Euro b. A "basket" of foreign currencies c. The British pound d. The interest rates on US treasury bonds. 5. The DIX hit its lowest level during what time period: a. The final year of Bush's second term b. The first year of Obama's first term c. The second year of Obama's first term d. The DIX is currently at its lowest level in history I'll provide the answer key shortly This is not my homework. This is me wanting to see if any of the Conservatwits in here have the econ chops that they claim to have. typo: in question one it should read "quanitity", not "quality". I have a feeling you two may be the only two who will answer. 1) d 2) d 3) a 4) b 5) a
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Autumn Autumn | 9 days ago
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