Is France part of Germany -history homework?

Is France part of Germany -history homework? Topic: France no homework
June 17, 2019 / By Daniel
Question: i am writing a history essay and it is asking what countries did Hitler take over i went to look at a map too see and france is in it did he take over france or not? and also can you tell which countries he took over :)
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Aylmer Aylmer | 4 days ago
Technically, no. Hitler put a puppet government in place (the Vichy government) which would act on his behalf in France, rather than officially making France into a part of Germany. And certainly after the war France was one of the Allies which oversaw the rebuilding of Germany.
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Vivyan Vivyan
hitler did take over france. however germany only controlled half of france. the other half was known as vichy- they collaborated with hitler, but were a french government formallly. Albania Austria Belgium Czechoslovakia Denmark Estonia France Greece Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland part of the USSR Yugoslavia
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