Can you die from Hodgkins Lymphoma?

Can you die from Hodgkins Lymphoma? Topic: Day case surgery rates of change
June 17, 2019 / By Darcy
Question: In August of 2011, my cousin who is 32 years old was diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma. She had surgery and had taken chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She says that was told by her doctor a few months ago that there are still cancer cells in her body. There is a tumor on her chest and she says that it has gotten bigger. I told her to make an appointment to see her doctor, but she refuses to. Is there a possibility that she can die from this disease if she doesn't get more treatment or surgery to remove the tumor?
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Azareel Azareel | 10 days ago
There are a lot of things in life that can kill you, including Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Far more people survive Hodgkin's Lymphoma than die from it, though. It's one of the most treatable types of cancer with a 92.8% survival rate for patients who were younger than 45 years old at diagnosis *with proper treatment.* Unfortunately, when you have a recurrence the prognosis does become less optimistic, but the survival rate can still be fair, depending on the specifics of the patient. One of my friends relapsed three times and is now healthy and fully living life, and others have had similar experiences. Since your cousin had no evidence of disease for over a year, her long-term survival rate would be better. Every day she chooses inaction she worsens her chances. Yes, the tumor will probably continue to grow without treatment; cancer is caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. Yes, tragically she most likely will die if she doesn't get the medical treatment she needs. It's very possible that her death at this young age is preventable. Your cousin needs to go through the testing to determine her diagnosis and potential treatment plan. Usually the treatment for recurrent Hodgkin's Lymphoma is more physically and psychologically difficult than for primary Hodgkin's, but that's not always the case. You can't fight the beast until you know its nature, so she needs to go back to her oncologist. If she were 82 I would support the decision to chose palliative care and let nature take its course, but at 32 she shouldn't surrender. At the very least, she needs to know what's going on in her own body. She can't know just based on how she feels. This is her choice, but I hope her loved ones encourage her to take necessary action. I'm saddened by the answer above about her husband having HL, and the subsequent health problems his treatment caused. He had Hodgkin's before I was even born, though, and treatment for Hodgkin's has changed since 1991. A new drug called Adcetris was recently approved, and it's promising. Dr. Owen O'Connor in NYC is renowned for treating recurrent Hodgkin's Lymphoma. If your cousin happens to be within a reasonable distance she should try to see him. http://nyp.org/physician/ooconnor/ Best wishes to you both. ~ skylark
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Wendy Wendy
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you die from Hodgkins Lymphoma? In August of 2011, my cousin who is 32 years old was diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma. She had surgery and had taken chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She says that was told by her doctor a few months ago that there are still cancer cells in her body. There is a tumor on her chest and...
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Sharalyn Sharalyn
Yes, Hodgkins lymphoma can certainly kill you. I know this isn't what you're hoping to hear, and it breaks my heart to tell you so :( It's possible that she has decided that she has had enough of treatments and doesn't want to continue the fight. She could also be hoping that the "wait and see" method will help and it will go away, but with a tumor of increasing size then it isn't going to. If she is treated it is still possible to die of the Hodgkins, but she will go down fighting, though not everyone is able to do that. She is young, so with successful treatment she could still live a long life, if she does decide to fight. My husband had Hodgkins in 1991, and survived, he had 19 chemo & 24 radiation treatments, but it was a terrible fight and treatment has lead to a secondary cancer (lung) from the radiation, as well as other serious issues
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Orlenda Orlenda
I have been treated 5 times for Hodgkins from 2003 to 2014. There are many new treatments today. I am 56 years old in 2015. My oncologist in Omaha says that there are always treatment options for Hodgkins.
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Malandra Malandra
Yes, it's certainly possible that she could die of the disease if she doesn't get treatment. Hodgkins lymphoma is one of the most curable forms of cancer, with a very high survival rate, but if it is ignored it can still be fatal. At her young age, it's worth continuing treatment to try to get rid of the disease permanently. If she were very old or had a less curable form of cancer, things might be different.
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