How do I get better for the next SAT?

How do I get better for the next SAT? Topic: Key skills essay writing
June 17, 2019 / By Daren
Question: I recently took my first SATs in June and just got my score back, and unfortunately I did poorly below average with a score of 1290 (Reading-450 Math-420 Writing-420). My self-esteem pretty much plummeted because I thought I did much better and many of my classmates did much better. Then again I had my finals during the that week, but it really is no excuse. I want practice getting better this summer and get a great score on it, possibly a 2000 but that's unlikely. I do have the official SAT study guide book so I'm thinking of going over that. But I need some advice on reading faster and retaining the info. And how to write better for essays, as well as improving math skills. Most of all I need help in managing the time there were some sections where I left some blank.
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Azaziah Azaziah | 3 days ago
If it's possible for you to get a tutor or enroll in a test prep class, definitely do it. There you will learn valuable information and learn how to successfully test the test without knowing all of the material inside and out. Otherwise, definitely use the SAT book. Read the helpful sections, take the practice tests, look at the answer keys, and learn why you got problems wrong. Studying and simply taking lots of practice tests will boost your score because you'll become more adjusted to what the actual test is like. 2000 is high score, but it's possible to attain if you study hard. LEARN and UNDERSTAND what you're getting wrong, otherwise your score will not change. My biggest piece of advice would be to get one-on-one test prep with a tutor or join a test prep class.
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Whitney Whitney
The Scholastic Aptitude Test is not something that anyone can prepare for. Sure there are study guides and even tutors that may offer services but the operative term is "aptitude." No one can teach "aptitude." As to reading, it is a personal journey that you can practice on your own or using the Internet. Do the practice tests, practice reading and composition and take the test.
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