Is this how to write a movie script?

Is this how to write a movie script? Topic: How to write a t in script
June 24, 2019 / By Darin
Question: This is just an example. Troy(Loudly to Jasmine): Look out! Camera: Jasmine looking at Troy. Jasmine(Looking forward at the snake): She yells Troy: Run! Jasmine: yelling Camera: shows a top look of the forest of the snake and Jasmine and Troy running. Okay thats an example is there anything wrong or needs improvement! Is this how you write a script! Or there any tip you can give me!
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Azriel Azriel | 6 days ago
Writing a film script is a specialized format, which unfortunately due to the limitations on Yahoo! Answers, I can't show you here. Instead, I've included a link to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' page on screenplay formatting below. Some comments I have. Avoid using parenthetical expressions, unless absolutely necessary. Avoid directing on the page by telling where to place the camera. Just tell the story as it happens. Interpreting dialogue and breaking down shots are the jobs of the actors and director, respectively. Also use an active voice in your description, rather than a passive voice. "Jasmine and Troy run," rather than "Jasmine and Troy are running." Also, avoid any unnecessary details and descriptions in writing your script. Maintain your white space, maintain your pace, and tell your story as efficiently as you can. Hope this helps!
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Azriel Originally Answered: How can you get contracted to write a novel or movie script?
They will find you if you have a good track record. If you have no history in that field you will find that no one will want to offer a contract.

Willa Willa
I think so. I tried once to type a movie (the whole script) on a word document. I put it on closed captioning. I typed everything that was said and all other sounds made. I played back and listened to the entire movie to make sure the captioning did not miss any words, it did not. Before each line, I wrote the character or person name of who said what, but the persons name in the show, not the actors.
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Sharmain Sharmain
If you're asking about formating: you want to have the dialog in a center column about 3-4 inches wide with the character's name centered above it. All other action and direction (camera cues, scene description, etc) is kept at full width, about 7-8 inches, and justified. This formating keeps your script at about one page per minute of screen time, scince dialog takes longer to speak than it takes up space on a page, and visual clues are almost instantly convyed. Tip: there are fairly decent scriptwriting sites that can teach you formatting and key terms (like CU for close up)
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Page Page
There are some things that define how a script should be defined. A couple of the resources listed by other people are very good. I am going to send you a sample of one of my scripts for you to analyze and give you something to use as a guideline.
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Mamie Mamie
Nope. I'm not saying you can't write it that way. But traditionally camera shots are implicit in the writing and NOT mentioned at all. This leaves interpretation of the script up to the Director and/or Director of Photography.
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Mamie Originally Answered: I want a career in movie script or play writing?
Are there any Thespian competitions around you? they have a playwriting category which you can submit to. You should try going to school for it, because thats where you begin to build connections. Take workshops, sometimes your local theatre might have playwriting workshop classes. Get in touch with your local theaters and try to pitch your play. If they like it they may want to use it for their upcoming seasons. Maybe you'll even get the chance to direct it yourself. Look for publishing companies around your area and send it to them. But your best bet is probably to train with a school with a good playwriting program.

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