What should I do about writing?

What should I do about writing? Topic: Skills of writing a book
June 24, 2019 / By Darrel
Question: Ok thing is, I love books and if at all possible would like to maybe one day become a successful author. I have already signed up for a creative writing class to help me out a bit. I also love manga and would love to write one but alas I cannot draw to save my life. I would love to learn how to draw manga by the way. I have ideas in my head and would love to put them into action but the ideas only go so far so it seems that I spend a lot of my time only writing one chapter to anything. Are there any other classes perhaps that I could take outside of school that may help expand my writing skills? Thanks for the help :)
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Baalzebub Baalzebub | 8 days ago
The best way to improve your writing skills and become a better writer is to write every day. It is also good to read books by your favorite authors in your preferred genre. As we read, we pick up on story craft. Once you have your idea for your story and you develop it into a high concept, my advice is to brainstorm your plot by continually asking " what if" questions. There are so many facets of writing to master including but not limited to developing believable characters and a protagonist that your readers will identify with and empathizes with . You also need to learn story structure - knowing what to write and when to write it and what comes next. The very best advise for story structure can be found on Larry Brooks website http://storyfix.com Larry also offers several books that I highly recommend include Story Physics and Story Engineering. He also offers his services for a reasonable fee for manuscript coaching. Writers Digest is another excellent resource with free article and inexpensive classes, workshops, webinars and books. Both of the above sites offer a plethora of information on character goals, motivation , conflict , action, scenes, plot, pacing, stakes and more . In my opinion the most important thing you can do is write from the heart about something you feel passionate about because it will reflect in your voice . Readers and agents are willing to forgive many mistakes as long as you write a story that they connect with on an emotional level. Another great site that offers helpful articles for writers is http://jamigold.com Write everyday and allow yourself to really get into your writing. Write your first draft as fast as you can without editing it or worrying about mistake or errors and you will produce real, raw, fresh and creative work. Revisions is when you should worry about errors or mistakes. Holly Lisle also offers some excellent writing courses and she also has hundreds of books available at amazon.com. Best of luck to you . If you truly want to write a novel then there is nothing stopping you. Writing is a craft that can be learned and improves with practice just like golf or piano.
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Baalzebub Originally Answered: Writing sample to creative writing camp- mention teen drinking or not?
Unless it's some sort of Christian university or something, they won't be in the least bit shocked or bothered by references to teen drinking. Also, if it's a writing camp that you're applying to, they won't be stupid enough to think that just because you're writing about something, you must do that yourself. Honestly, don't worry about it. You're really over-estimating the shock value of what you've written. They won't be in the least bit disapproving of references to teen drinking. All they'll want to see from you is work that's well-written and has potential.

Wilma Wilma
Just take your time with your writing. It takes a long time connecting ideas and sometimes a story won't come to you as a beginning middle and end. You may see it first as the end, beginning and then the middle. There are turorial online about drawing manga and a lot of it comes with time and practice. Never get frustrated because writing is a process- it doesnt come automatically
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Sharon Sharon
For drawing: I used to draw people with square heads, dot eyes, and triangle dresses. But, I learned how to draw really well by tracing. People ask you the question, "You traced it?" In sort of a harsh way, but it lets our hand get used to drawing that way and once you memorize how to trace it you can draw freely on paper. For writing: I don't know where you live so I don't know what classes they have around your house, but I don't recommend classes. They are nice, and help you with writing, but I don't like them and I just look for inspiration. I take a nature walk, and look at trees and meadows and picture perfect moments. Then I look at random pictures of Google Images and imagine what happens. Like, if you saw a picture of fireworks then you can write about what your characters do on the 4th of July. That's what I think you should do.
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Paige Paige
I don't know f any specific classes for you to take, but I recommend reading Poets and Writers Magazine to help you with your dream. The magazine can be read for free at www.pw.org and it's an excellent source of information for new and established writers.
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Paige Originally Answered: How to improve my writing skills and be comfortable writing?
First of all don't lose hope and be optimistic as well as positive. Also one of the most important thing respect yourself and motivate yourself. I saw in your question that you are nervous and you think that you can't do this. But no you can do everything but only you need self esteem, self motivation. There are lots of books but without these things you can not achieve anythings. If we talk about the writing then you must focus on grammar because this is the building block of English. Besides show your eagerness. Go to the best book of English, make word power. A day will come when you will be able to write novel and other story whatever you want.

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