My husband and I were thrown out of a restaurant last night...?

My husband and I were thrown out of a restaurant last night...? Topic: Business plan of opening a restaurant
July 16, 2019 / By Tahath
Question: Last night my husband and I went out to dinner. My husband is allergic to shataki mushrooms - among other things . Majority of the items on the menu had mushrooms in them, so he asked the waitress if any were shataki mushrooms or if he could get a dinner without. She basically threw a fit saying she wasn't allowed to divulge the "secrets" of the recipes and if he didn't like certain foods he shouldn't order them . When he said he was allergic to certain foods and needed to know, she walked away from him and came back with the manager. The manager told us that he couldn't have us "starting trouble" in his restaurant, and if we didn't like what was there, we could leave . My question is, is this the normal reaction in restaurants when you ask about ingredients? Do they honestly think people are "stealing" their recipes? We don't each out often, majority because of his allergies and it can be hard to accommodate him, but I didn't expect to be treated like we were trying to steal something. Actually, it was "Bertucci's" in NY. : )
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Perce Perce | 3 days ago
Wow. That is insane. It isn't the normal reaction in most restaurants. I think majority of restaurants would rather divulge their "secrets" [ honestly, are they way they open a can of soup and pour it into a pot really a secret? =D ] then have a patron sue them when they get sick, or like you said about your husband's allergy, possibly die or need to be hospitalized. I'm sorry that this happened to both you and your husband. Places of business used to be family owned, and they realized if they were mean to their customers, word of mouth got around, and they went out of business. My curiosity is getting the best of me though - I'm curious of what restaurant you went to. =D
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Lovell Lovell
How absolutely absurd. It's a wonder that the restaurant is still in business. Where is it - I'll make sure I never go there. I wonder what would have happened if your husband had eaten a dish with the mushrooms in it. Would they have let you use the phone to call 911 or told you to find your own way to a hospital? Psycho is putting it mildly.
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Jaymes Jaymes
That's out of order! Do they have branches over the place they will probably have a head office in which you could complain if you were wanting to!! but seriosly that was ah joke how can they treat people like that and still have custumers??? You should of made a seen to show them up!
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Gallagher Gallagher
thats so rude of them!!! I think that it's right to ask them what ingredients just in case you are allergic to them. I would say probably they were being racist or the waitress was just on her period or something. But that's just wrong of them...they should be all about customer service, and bring whatever the customer orders. Sorry that happened!!!
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Dermot Dermot
WoW! Major over reaction!! I think you should tell everyone you know, everyone on YA which restaurant it is so we can all boycott it!! Maybe even tell the local press. This was way out of order. It was a simple enough request!!
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Culinary and business management are a good start, but you also need to have common sense and feeling in it. You can have all of the education in the world, but that means nothing when it comes to dealing with customers, employees, issues that arise, etc. But, to answer your question - You could run into a number of things. One might be competition, and your plan to retain your customer base when it happens. If a new restaurant moves in down the street that is in direct competition with you, you will need to develop a plan to keep your business going. Ask yourself how you will stay on top of the other restaurant. Another thing might be your quality or offering menu. You need to make sure you are catering to people's wants and needs by offering things they want, and are willing to buy. Also, take great care in hiring employees, as they will represent your business. Most of your success is based on customer loyalty, and this can only happen when the customer leaves happy, and returns to your business continuously. So treat your employees well, since it will reflect on you, and make sure your customers always come first. As far as the process - you should learn this in your first college business class, so this is just an incomplete short version - but you will need to start with a business plan. You will outline your goals, how you will run the business, how you will obtain the funding for start up, what assets the business will be using, etc. This is very important on many different levels, so make sure you write a good, complete business plan... but you'll learn about that in the college. After you've received the funding and you've established your entity, you need to secure a location to build your business on(make sure you do a lot of research before you buy a location. You need to do market research on demographics for certain areas to make sure your business will succeed. Many businesses fail immediately because of bad location). From there, you will need to get all of your inventory needed to sustain your business for XXXX amount of time (Usually for a restaurant, you'll want weekly deliveries, so 1-2 weeks of most things should be sufficient, without knowing what business you plan on being in). Then you'll want to hire employees - waiters/waitresses, a head cook and supporting staff that specialize in making what you want to make, and possibly a manager unless you plan on being there by yourself most of the time (which you should for the start up and all anyway, so you know what's going on in your business and if you need to make changes) After that, sustainability and progress is the key. Keep the people happy, keep your employees happy, and you'll be happy. Best of luck to you!

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